Amnesia Ibiza 2017

CD1 mixed by the French house DJ Popof starts with Early Herbert a dynamited electronic English musician and his shuffling bizarre techno “Got To Be Movin (On The Dancefloor)”, Amnesia launches the dance followed by the Original Mix “Train” by tech house musician Sven Tasnadi. Swirl People goes on with the dub house “We used To Party (Lawnchair Generals Dub)” and many others as famous as  “124g (Original Mix)” by Juliche Hernandez, “Lost Drummer (Original Mix)” by Gabriele Strada,  “The Blue Grass (Original Mix)” by Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier,  “Sowhaa (Original Mix)” by Makcim & Levi,  “Retro (Original Mix)” by Vinyl Speed Adjust,  “Give Yourself (Arado Remix)” by dotSTRIPE,  “The Dancefloor (Marco Caruso Remix)” by Timid Boy,  “Bad Ass (Original Mix)” by Mirco Caruso,  “Lost Girl (Original Mix)” by The Mekanism,  “Cheap (Original Mix)” by  Massi ISX and Rulers,  “Collapse (Original Mix)” by Alexander Aurel & Danny Serrano,  “Just Beneath It (Original Mix)” by Marc Molina.

CD2 mixed by Luca Donzelli features many mix of his own productions accompanied by a selection of original mix like “Free Falling In Love” by Kurl,  “Fly The W” by Carlo,  “Circuits” by Burnski,  “Calling The Boss” by Datamode,  “Verdict (Luca Donzelli Remix)” by Tian Karl, “Rate 25” by Cuartero,  “Leave Off” by Max Chapman,  “Carve My Name (Sidney Charles Remix)” by Sable Sheep,  “Different (Black Loops Remix)” by AFAMoo, “Face 2 Face (Luca Donzelli & Mar-T Remix)” by Ki Creighton, “Forrest  Breaking Walls Like 1989” by Alexis Raphael,  “Come As You Are (Luca Donzelli & Mar-T Remix)” by Emanuel Satie,  “What Is That (Original Mix)” by Proudly People,  “Havest Dance” by Phonic Scoupe,  “Let’s All Talk About Me” by Stephen Lopkin,  “Drummer Eager (Dub Mix)” by Luca Donzelli,  “Stator” by Hermanez,  Ruins by Oleg Mass.

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Title Performer / Composer
 Got To Be Movin (On The Dancefloor)  Herbert
 Train (Original Mix)  Sven Tasnadi
 We used To Party (Lawnchair Generals Dub)  Swirl People
 124g (Original Mix)  Juliche Hernandez
 Lost Drummer (Original Mix)  Gabriele Strada
 The Blue Grass (Original Mix)  Dan Ghenacia & Chris Carrier
 Sowhaa (Original Mix)  Makcim & Levi
 Retro (Original Mix)  Vinyl Speed Adjust
 Give Yourself (Arado Remix)  dotSTRIPE
 The Dancefloor (Marco Caruso Remix)  Timid Boy
 Bad Ass (Original Mix)  Mirco Caruso
 Lost Girl (Original Mix)  The Mekanism
 Cheap (Original Mix)  Massi ISX, Rulers
 Collapse (Original Mix)  Alexander Aurel & Danny Serrano
 Just Beneath It (Original Mix)  Marc Molina
Title Performer / Composer
 Free Falling In Love (Original Mix)  Kurl
 Fly The W (Original Mix)  Carlo
 Circuits (Original Mix)  Burnski
 Calling The Boss (Original Mix)  Datamode
 Verdict (Luca Donzelli Remix)  Tian Karl
 Rate 25 (Original Mix)  Cuartero
 Leave Off (Original Mix)  Max Chapman
 Carve My Name (Sidney Charles Remix)  Sable Sheep
 Different (Black Loops Remix)  AFAMoo
 Face 2 Face (Luca Donzelli & Mar-T Remix)  Ki Creighton, Forrest
 Breaking Walls Like 1989 (Original Mix)  Alexis Raphael
 Come As You Are (Luca Donzelli & Mar-T Remix)  Emanuel Satie
 What Is That (Original Mix)  Proudly People
 Havest Dance (Original Mix)  Phonic Scoupe
 Let’s All Talk About Me (Original Mix)  Stephen Lopkin
 Drummer Eager (Dub Mix)  Luca Donzelli
 Stator (Original Mix)  Hermanez
 Ruins (Original Mix)  Oleg Mass

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