Perceptions Of Pacha Vol. 1 (1CD)

Mixed by Farley and Heller

This unique series of compilations allows selected djs to uncage the naked soul of Pacha and share it with you through their music. Not confined to a dj, Not confined to a sound, Not confined to an era. This album rock to the very roots of a club built on these unconfined… Perceptions of Pacha.            Jesus d’la Queen





Title Performer / Composer Time
 Raise the Dead  Kimbu Kimra  7:40
 Passages  Tony Watson  6:53
 True Houses  C&M Productions feat. Marcel  6:36
 Roots  Tedd Patterson pres. Blackbone  5:39
 Got To Be Me  Farley & Heller  7:37
 Moody  Sessomato  5:45
 Future!  Halo Varga  5:30
 Something to Smile About  Malawl Rocks feat. Dihann Moore  5:24
 Alright  Mijan  5:03
 Tall Stories  Chaser  8:22
 124  Bios  4:28
 The Lights My House  Aaron-Carl  5:32

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