Matinée Summer Compilation 2015 (2CD)

The Summer Compilation selected and mixed by Taito Tikaro, Lydia Sanz, André Vicenzzo & Flavio Zarza reflects one of the most renown Ibiza parties. Matinée Group lands in Ibiza in 1999 at the Island’s key venue du jour: El DIvino, where it stablished its residence for the Group’s first season of its Ibiza adventure. On following summers, Matinée will work tightly with Space, exploring new formats and leading the nightlife avant garde for eight years.

In 2009 Amnesia trusts her Saturday nights to Matinée sealing a collaboration that has become key to the Island’s nightlife. Today, Matinée Amnesia is the Island’s leading session; more than 150 000 clubbers get a taste of the famous Ibiza vibe every season and the club, which has been awarded ‘Best Global Club’ for the past years, is host to the biggest Saturday night events peaking at EL CIERRE, the event which closes the Ibiza season by throwing an incredible party. The presence of Dj super stars such as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Luciano, Loco Dice or Brian Cross and Matinée Group’s production know how at its best is a combination that nobody wants to miss.

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Title Performer / Composer Time
Dance Baby (DJ Luis Patty Remix) [feat. Shine] Thiago Costa  5:43
Power (Summer Festival Remix) [feat. Stanley Miller] Taito Tikaro, Vicente Belenguer & Blas Marin  7:15
Brothers & Sisters Raul Cremona  6:08
Dance to the Rhythm Chris Noble  5:24
One Love (Oscar Velazquez Remix) [feat. Meg] Eddie Martinez  8:26
Rap Recorder Music (Carlos Maza Remix) Djavi Gonza  6:48
Show Me Love Tonight (Terraze Version) Taito Tikaro & Estela Martin  7:45
Seven T.Tommy & Luis Mendez  7:30
Somebody in the Back Isaac Lozano  6:03
Turn of the Light (Tribaland Remix) Taito Tikaro & Flavio Zarza  8:09
Fresh-Beat (Sax Mix) Taito Tikaro & Flavio Zarza  8:45
Rock the Beat Jon Flores  6:08
We Party Around the World (Edit) [feat. Beth Sacks] DJ Aron  2:38
Drop Me (Danny Mart Remix) Chris Montana & Double S  6:37
This Is My Dream (feat. Ann Shine) Thomas Solvert  5:52
Up 4 It (Luis Mendez Remix Edit) Ivan Gomez  3:45
Good Vibration Santi Trillo & Eloy AC  6:11
Falling Deeper (feat. Shawnee Taylor) Robbie Rivera  6:06
Amazing (Club Mix) [feat. Vanesa Klein] Lydia Sanz  6:07
Title Performer / Composer Time
Rock Your Body (Kosmetik Dark Remx) [feat. Maximilian G] Taito Tikaro, Andre Vicenzzo & Flavio Zarza  5:35
Mamasitas Chus & Ceballos & Stefano Noferini  6:27
Opensun (Juan Gimeno & Sergi Moreno 2015 Remix) Vicenzzo & Silco & Magic Solutions  5:55
Elixir Angel Heredia  7:42
XD DJ Julius  5:40
Let It Go Dany Cohiba  7:12
Check It Out Angel Heredia  7:14
Changing Lanes Jason Chance  6:58
You Can Do It Jose V  9:10
Clean Controlled  6:19
Nuit est pour la nuit Eddie Amador, Andre Vicenzzo & Dany Cohiba  6:15
Just a Fool (DJ Dan Vocal Mix) DJ Dan  7:52
Atmosphere 2015 (Miguel Picasso 2015 Mix) Miguel Picasso  6:36
Peskisa Andre Vicenzzo & Javi Always  7:26
El Loco (Chus & Ceballos Iberican Mix) Vidaloca & Piem  7:56
Mental Help (Dub Mix) Gonçalo  7:32
Captus Angel Heredia & Tom Tronic  6:56
Obsession (Hombre Lowdown French Kissed Edit) Technasia  6:34
Dem Howl (Joris Voorn Remix) [feat. Troels Abrahamsen] Audion  7:35

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